Monday, 29 May 2017

[Ramadhan 1438H] Tidak Kan Sama

Peace Be Upon You.

Salam 3 Ramadhan.

Alhamdulillah dipertemukan sekali lagi dengan bulan Ramadhan.

Tahun ke-3 berpuasa tanpa ayahanda.
Tahun ke-6 tanpa ayahanda mertua.
Tahun ke-2 tanpa bonda mertua.

Of course, perasaan itu tidak kan sama :-(
Apapun, ingati yang telah pergi.
Raikan yang masih ada.

Moga Ramadhan kita sempurna.

Friday, 19 May 2017

[Ramadan] [Menu] Ramadan 2017 Countdown

Peace Be Upon You.

7 more days to Ramadhan.

Some of kaum ibu sure have lots of things months before Ramadhan itself especially baju raya. I know some tailors dah tak ambik tempahan months before Aidilfitri. Then when Ramadhan comes, to ensure meals for sahur and berbuka in order, then dekat-dekat nak raya fikir pasal kuih raya pulak :-), and then deal with packing things up balik kampong and unpack semula lepas habis beraya di kampong.

And of course not to forget terawikh, tadarus and the likes.

As for my small family, weekend ni baru nak hantar tempah baju for the boys and abahnya. Good luck to us. Moga berjaya. One of my boys memang tak boleh pakai baju readymade. Especially now with the current trend seluarnya kaki kecik dan kurus. As for myself and Kakak, we'll just head for shopping complex and get us some blouses and skirts. It's important for me that those can be worn to the office without getting weird stares. So, nothing too fancy.

Kids will be starting two weeks mid-year leave on 1st Ramadhan itself, I think that is a blessing. Hoping for lesser traffic congestion during those two weeks. Kids got to stay home, lesser time in the sun going to and coming back from school, perhaps with no homework.
And as usual, I'll have my weekly menu ready. Senang nak plan beli barang-barang, can prepare ahead, balik rumah boleh terus letak kuali or periuk atas dapur.

My line-ups for 1st week..

Main dishes. Yes, we do not eat rice for lunch and dinner every day, hence we will have kuetiaw and bihun and buttermilk chicken sandwich on some days. I also have make-ahead concoction like sambal tumis and sambal lontih. Even now I have them ready in the fridge and proven to be a huge time-saver.

Some people argue we mothers spend too much time preparing meals for the family. The time should and better be spent reciting Quran, performing solat sunat and whatnots. My humble opinion says, preparing meals for the family is also an ibadah. Of course, we need not to over-do it.

Ramadhan is a month that I got the chance to spend more time with my family, mealtimes included. Otherwise on other months we rely on take-aways, eat-outs maybe half of out mealtimes.

Apapun, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan. Moga amal ibadah kita dapat dipertingkatkan.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

[Books] All The Light We Cannot See

Peace Be Upon You

Tittle - All The Light We Cannot See
Author - Anthony Doerr
Pages - 531 (inclusive of acknowledgments)

I like how the author brings the characters back and forth, brings the time back and forth. I was so anxious as to when the main characters shall 'meet'. They eventually did on page 411 (the whole book is 520+ pages).
Hauntingly rich details, more like seeing a painting rather than words by words. I couldn't put this down and took so long to finish not because of anything else other than trying to absorb myself in beautiful sentences.
Having finished this book, I am afraid to start a new one. Afraid that it will be too pale in comparison with this one.

Quotes from the book..

So how, children, does the brain,
which lives without a spark of light,
built for us a world full of light?

You know the greatest lesson of history?
It’s that the history is whatever the victors say it is.
That’s the lesson.
Whoever wins, that’s who decides the history

See obstacles as opportunity.
See obstacles as inspiration.

Don’t you want to be alive before you die?

Science, is made up by mistakes,
but they are mistakes which is useful to make,
because they lead little by little to the truth.

Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever

When I lost my sight, Werner, people said I was brave.
When my father left, people said I was brave.
But it is not bravery, I have no choice.
I wake up and live my life.
Don’t you do the same?

Some grief can never be put right


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

[Ulasan Percuma] Inner MumuScarves

Peace Be Upon You.

These, are worth mentioning.

Inner show cap.

Dulu-dulu kita panggil serkup.
Dulu-dulu takde macam-macam jenis dan rupa.
Warna pun mostly putih atau hitam.  
Knitted kinda serkup.

Now, macam-macam warna, rupa, bentuk, kejadian.
One can easily be spoilt for choices.

IMHO, inner mumuscarves ni the best so far.
May be a tad bit mahal but worth the money spent.
Kainnya soft, tak panas.
Yang paling penting, tak menyepit dan mengkelepet telinga.
Opening tu besar, ngam-ngam dengan kepala akak.
And the length sufficient to accommodate those with sanggoi besaq.

Sehelai RM29.90

Sunday, 5 February 2017

[Bekal] [Makcik Kantin] BOTD Week 4 & Week 5 (Jan & Feb)

Peace Be Upon You.

Week 4 2017 saw only three days of school (hip hip hurray!).
And Week 5 also had 3 days of school (hip hip hurray!).
Me and my husband enjoyed an extra day since our office address is in KL (hip hip hurray!)

Domino's Pizza tu leftover from dinner the night before.
Got some cruchy apples at AEON Big, sprinkled generously with serbuk asam masin (something I need to reduce/avoid)

I chopped some prawns then sautéed until fully cooked.
Then added to beaten eggs along with a bit of fresh milk and salt.

Sans sayur for the kids because of two reasons
(1) Ah Boy doesn't like greens
(2) To ensure the food won't go bad too quickly

I had mine with generous helping of sliced tomatoes and lettuce.

Ayamas' English Breakfast's sausage is our favourite. It's flavourful. It's meaty and remain soft.
I also made scrambled eggs.
I put slices of bread, the kids can choose what they want for filling.
My kids absolutely love Buttermilk Chicken Fritters. I cut chicken breasts into small strips and marinade with buttermilk. Buttermilk can be very expensive so I made mine using milk and vinegar.

Pan fried the beef salami and arranged them on slices of bread. Topped with cheese slice and toasted.
That was the line-up for the past two weeks whenever school in session. Simple, easy peasy. It just needs a bit of effort getting up early. Some can be done beforehand the night before. That can save some of your morning time.

Friday, 3 February 2017

[HealthCheck] Blood Goes Upstairs

Peace Be Upon You.

Cuti CNY balik kampong. Balik kampong memang sinonim la dengan makan, makan dan makan. Balik KL, blood pressure spike.

Doktor tanya ada rasa stress tak masa ambik bacaan BP?
Eh takde lah, masa tu baru balik gelak-gelak kat rumah kawan. Akak happy je.
Panjang lebar Doktor bgtau possible cause and effect.
Apa tindakan kawalan.
Yang teramat penting (dah teramat payah) ialah disiplin makan dan bersenam.
Ubat boleh makan tapi kalau tak jaga makan dan bersenam, tak guna juga.
Katanya 70% kawalan dari diri sendiri (jaga pemakanan dan bersenam) dan cuma 30% kawalan dari ubat.

Malam ni kena puasa.
Esok buat blood test.
Nak tengok sugar and cholesterol level.

Sementara tu, jeling-jeling je udang dengan sotong dalam freezer tu..

Friday, 20 January 2017

[Bekal] [makcik kantin] BOTD W3 - January

Peace be Upon You.

3rd week of school is making its closure today.

Asked some friends, how is Ah Boi coping at school. I pondered a while and thought about an incident that made me drove to the school there and then.
Coping. .... was my answer.
And other people are also trying to cope with him
Anyway, here's my BOTD line-up for the week trois 2017. Nothing much except they were made and filled with loads of love.


Sushi rolls were from dinner the night before.
Kept them refrigerated and told the boys to gobble them down as soon as they have settled down at taska.
And filling for tuna mayo sandwich if from the balance that I used for sushi.


Made savoury bread pudding.
Replaced sugar with salt and chicken cube.
Added loads of bits of chicken and beef salami.
Topped with a bit of cheese slice.

Husband made fried rice for dinner the night before and there was some left.
So, into bekal it was.


Obviously my bento-mood depleted tremendously on Wednesday :-)
Baked frozen pizza and reheated grilled chicken (that I ordered for dinner the night before....)


Paratha Sosej ala mumia. I had meant them beautifully wrapped in criss-cross kinda way. But having three students asking this that from left and right surely affected my mood in some way or another. Maka terhasillah sosej dalam bungkusan roti paratha ala-ala mumia.

I brought nasi and chicken currey to work.
Chicken curry was a frozen leftover.
Whenever I make curry, I double the portions so I can keep some for later use, you know, on those lazy nights

Don't ask.
Ran out of fruits.
Ran out of mood.